About the new website!

Hi and welcome to the long awaited brand new MedSoc website (circa 2014)!

With in the new website, you will find many features for MedSoc members both on the general site as well as through the MedSoc portal.

Remember, it’s your MedSoc so if this website is not being helpful enough, please leave some feedback through the Contact form.



Thanks to Jacqueline Ho (Vice President 2014) for the original design and the subsequent implementation of the new MedSoc website.

Thanks to Varun Bhoopathy for the development of the MedSoc Portal.

Finally, thanks also to the designer of the MedSoc website v2, Alexander Murphy as well as the developer of the original MedSoc website, Cameron Khorb-Wells.

Photos Credits

Thanks to the following people for giving permission for their photos to be used in the design of the new MedSoc website:

  • Alexander Murphy
  • Calvin Park
  • Helen Quach


Website v2

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