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your UNSW MedSoc


Your 2014 MedSoc Council Representatives are:

  • Joseph Xavier
    Academic Officer

  • Evan Browne and Cecile Pham
    Socials Officers

  • Merry Lin and Sanji Fernando
    Sports Officers

  • Natalie Tang and Jing Ni
    International Student Officers

  • Giri Townshend
    Bookshop Officer

  • Baozhing Teng
    Assistant Bookshop Officer

  • Harleen Kaur and Phillip Nguyen
    Leadership Officers

  • Meydene Ong and Samuel Baumgart
    Charities & Wellbeing Officers

  • Kaalya De Silva and Mominah Bhatti
    Sponsorship Officers

  • Sam Ng
    Junior AMSA Representative

  • Nadia Perera
    IT Officer

  • Jane Guan
    Publications Officer

  • Francis Young

  • Ananya Chakravorty
    Policy Officer

  • Brenda Ta

  • Dave Bui
    Presiding Officer

  • To Be Elected
    Assistant Secretary


1st Year
2nd Year Brindhan Tharmarajah
Grace Kim
Phase 2
Sequence 1 Laurin Lau
Sequence 2 Andrew Shim
Sequence 3 Bianca Galgut
Sequence 4 Sanamdeep Dhillon
ILP / Honours Priya Maheshwari
Michelle Jayasuriya
Phase 3
Prince of Wales Dinuksha De Silva
Michael Zhang
St Vincent’s Xiang Yih Lay
Tim Nguyen
St George Richard Shaw
Yodi Gunaratne
Sutherland To be elected
Jenny Namkoong
South West Kamal Singh
Andrea Jeyendra
Academic Coordinators Henry Vo
Jasmine Cheng
Assistant Secretary Cecile Pham
Assistant Bookshop Girija Townshend
Bookshop Director Sugandha Gupta
Charities Coordinators Olivia Missiakos
Amanda Zhou
Historian John Coombs
International Reps Elaine Ng
Richard Tjahjono
IT Officer Varun Bhoopathy
Junior AMSA Rebecca Singer
Photographer Calvin Park
Presiding Officer Alexander Murphy
Publications Nadia Perera
Socials Emily Jansen
Divya Kumar
Sports reps Dominic Bull
Anna Hines
SDOs Lucy Ping
Danielle Christmas

Student Representatives

Year 1 Rep Beryl Lin
Evan Browne
Year 2 Rep Anna Fernon
Matthew Chua
ILP/Honours Rep Sam Bobba
Sequence 1 Robindro Chatterji
Sequence 2 Vanessa Chen
Sequence 3 Andy Chen
Sequence 4 Hakeem Ha
Prince of Wales Joseph Xavier
Navid Ahmadi
St Vincent’s Christine Ma
Miho Mugino
St George Akalya Mahendran
Chris Go
Sutherland Grace Leo
Evy Panos
South West Sydney Sunil Gupta
Patricia Ly