For as long as there was the UNSW medical school, UNSW Medsoc has fought for and supported the rights of each and every one of their students each year from the shadows. Each year, UNSW Medsoc has maintained the tradition of connecting medical students from different years and universities with well-executed social activities such as UNSW Medball and Integration Party. Furthermore, UNSW medical students are encouraged to explore their other talents in the arts with Med Revue and Medshow.

As an independent organization with high number of students sitting on the faculty, Medsoc has not been without its struggles and conflicts. From as early as 1960s, Medsoc has been pushing several schemes to provide cheap and quality equipments, white laboratory coats and textbooks to medical students. The Medsoc bookshop, run by medical students for medical students, have been the symbol of our independence and determination. In 1964, UNSW Medsoc petitioned against the faculty’s unexpected decision to increase term lengths, which would inconvenience many students with previous arrangements. In 1985, we have fought for the provision of free hepatitis B vaccination to all medical students. UNSW Medsoc represents the voice of the medical students, shaping our university and clinical experiences.