What is a SIG?

SIGs are a new initiative from MedSoc that aims to cater for and address individual interests of MedSoc members by supporting smaller events organised by individual members. There are two types of SIGs:

  • Medical/Surgical Specialty SIG
  • Extra-curricular SIG

As an affiliated group of MedSoc, a SIG would operate on its own terms and organises events/activities, while receiving administrative and financial support from MedSoc.

Special Interest Groups

  • Anaesthetics, Intensive Care and Emergency Society (AICESoc)
  • Bioethics and Medicine (BEAM)
  • CardioSoc
  • GastroSoc
  • NeuroSoc
  • O&G Soc
  • Oculus Soc
  • PaedSoc
  • PathSoc
  • Rad Onc Soc
  • SurgSoc

Affiliate Organisations

Australian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA)

More about SIGs

- Apply for affiliation of the SIG with MedSoc by providing the following details to
- Names of person/s in charge of the group
- Purpose and aim of the group
- Outline of proposed events
- Medical/Surgical Specialty Group: 40 medical signatures
- Extra-curricular group: 20 medical signatures
- The MedSoc Executive will assess the application before approving/rejecting the affiliation.
- A notice of all SIG events will be placed on the SIGs page of the MedSoc website

- The group organises an ‘event’
- A detailed plan and budget is submitted to MedSoc Executive
- This is approved/conditionally approved/rejected by MedSoc Exec
- Approved: the event is held as planned with MedSoc support
- Conditional approval: more details of the event are required
- Rejected