2019 Future Students – Information about UNSW Medicine

Congratulations on making it into medicine at UNSW. All that hard work has paid off and we hope you’re excited for what’s to come!

Before you get started though, here is some information to help you get involved with the medicine community before semester starts, and what you can expect from the first few weeks!

Getting Connected!

Medsoc is the official student-run body that represents all students studying medicine at UNSW and we run and manage several facebook pages: This includes:

Are you an international student? Make sure to join the UNSW International Medical Students Facebook Page as well

If you have any questions contact the First Year Representatives (Claire and Ben) at year1@medsoc.org.au. They’d love to hear from you!

What To Expect When Starting Medicine…

You’ll soon find out that despite the stereotypes, medical students DO NOT spend all day, every day studying. Medsoc can become the key to a whole new side of your social life with student-led charity events, memorable (and otherwise…) pub-crawls, mentoring sessions, exam revision nights or even the hilarious Med Revue. So prepare for six years of working hard and playing harder!

To get the socialising started, there are a number of events that will happen in the first few weeks:


A must-attend event in the MedSoc calendar, just ask any current student and they’ll agree that MedCamp was one of their best experiences! With this year’s theme of “parathyroid activity”, friendships and memories will be formed that’ll last a lifetime. More info on the 2024 Facebook Group

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is an annual program run by UNSW MedSoc designed to academically, socially and physically orient first year students. It is one of the funnest (and lit-test) programs, where you’ll be able to form tight friendships with both other first years, and older years too. Come along to our “Meet the Mentors Night”, at 5:30pm on the 26th of February (first day of uni) for some fun games and opportunities to mingle.