Conference Funding – old ver.

This pro forma is written as a guideline to a formal document in regards to reimbursing medical students for their participation in conferences.

Recognising the importance of student participation in academic conferences, seminars and other educational activities external to the University of New South Wales, the Faculty of Medicine  provides funds each year to subsidise student attendance at such events. MedSoc is responsible for assessing student applications for these subsidies and provides a recommendation to the Faculty on which events should be supported.

Please send an email to with your application for conference funding or if you have any questions.


  • Occurs fortnightly in MedSoc Executive meetings that commence at the end of February
  • Applications must be made prospective to the conference
  • Payment will be made retrospective to the conference when the above criteria in sections 1 and 2 are met, and the President has forwarded this recommendation to the Faculty of Medicine.


  • Funding is 50% of registration cost and is capped at:
    • $250 for international conferences
    • $150 for domestic conferences

Aspects of Supported Conferences

  • Academic in nature
  • Relevant to medical students
  • Have a significant representative component for UNSW, with favour given to presentations and publication

Previous sponsorship by either MedSoc or the Faculty of Medicine is a good indicator

Requirements of Delegates

  • Receipt of the conference expenses
  • Brief presentation at the next appropriate council meeting
  • Written article, with photos, to be submitted to the next available Idioglossia edition