Not one, not two, but three specialties? Yes, that’s right! AICESoc is the special interest group for medical students with a passion for anaesthetics, intensive care, and emergency medicine. Besides giving you a taste of the career opportunities in these specialties, we give you practical, hands-on experience through workshops and events. More than helping you AICE your exams, we promise that you’ll enjoy the line-up of events we have planned. Join us today! It will be more exciting than A Song of AICE and Fire.

We aim to increase awareness of career pathways in the three specialties, and to establish communication between students, doctors, and colleges. Our events allow distinguished practitioners to teach while giving students the opportunity to network. Our specialty is organising practical, skills-based workshops. This year, stay tuned for the Emergency Medical Challenge, our critical care conference ‘Thinking Beyond the Flags’, and our burr holes workshop.