UNSW Medsoc is the student body comprising of all the medical students over six years at the University of NSW. The elected members of the Medsoc Council and Executive aim to provide an enriched student life both on and off campus in areas including, but not limited to: academic representation, collegiality in academic and social events, as well as advocacy.Medsoc hosts regular academic events, including tutorials and practice OSCE and revision sessions in the lead to exams.  Special Interests Groups, also known as SIGs are affiliated under medsoc and provide students with an opportunity to organise and attend events, speeches and workshops in order to learn about various medical specialties. These include SurgSoc, Pathsoc and Paedsoc and among many others and all their events are very popular among students.

Medsoc hosts a vibrant and thriving social calendar, including its annual Medcamp for first years, Talent Quest, PubCrawl and Medball. MedShow is an annual drama/dance/musical extravaganza which is completely created, choreographed and performed by UNSW Medical students, with all proceeds going to charity. MedShow has a high profile on campus and is attended by the wider UNSW community.  Medsoc also hosts sporting events, including the annual Intercollege Touch Rugby Cup which draws many avid players and supporters alike.

UNSW Medsoc also has an important role in advocating for the health of its own students and the general university population via its partnership with the Australian Medical Students Association and its own events such as the mental health awareness week. Medsoc exists to promote the social, physical and cultural wellbeing of those in UNSW Medicine and makes Medicine at UNSW more than just a medical degree, but 6 years of amazing experiences and memories.

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