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The previous Conference Funding Scheme is now officially reinstated under the new title of Conference Presentation Reimbursement scheme, which is governed by a policy under the same name. This policy is effective until December 2021, when a renewal will be undertaken.

MedSoc recognises the importance of student participation in academic conferences, seminars and other educational activities external to UNSW. As such, the Conference Presentation Reimbursement Scheme aims to partially subsidise some of the associated expenses. Payment(s) will be made retrospectively at the end of 2021.

For details on the full policy, please access it here. You are strongly encouraged to read the policy document prior to beginning the application form to avoid wastage of your time. The following pro forma is written as a simplified guideline to the policy document.

Applicants’ Information Sheet

Who Can Apply?

  • Students enrolled full time in the UNSW Medicine Program
  • The conference you are applying for is in the FUTURE (i.e. prospective applications ONLY).
  • You are not receiving any external funding

Aspects of Supported Conferences

  • Academic in nature
  • Be of relevance and demonstrable benefit to both the applicant and other students
  • Have a significant representative component for UNSW, with favour given to poster and poster presentations

Requirements of Applicants

A written article with photos to be submitted either to The Jugular or MedSoc Website. This can be anonymous.

Selection Process & Payment Procedures

  • Applications will be reviewed by a panel of Executives during weekly meetings
  • Should you be approved for conference funding, you will be notified via email
  • Payments will occur retrospectively in January of the following year

Amount of Funding Granted

Funding will ONLY cover registration costs and cannot be used for other personal expenses such as flights or accommodation.

Funding is 50% of registration fee or the following amount, whichever is higher:

     Domestic conferences: $200
     International conferences: $350

A maximum amount of $600 payable per applicant per application will be applied regardless of total registration fee.

Application Form

If you have any queries about this policy, please contact the Conference Reimbursement Authority at: secretary@medsoc.org.au

Page last updated 01/02/19.