The UNSW Medical Music Society (UNSW MMS) was founded in mid-2015 with two purposes at heart:

  1. To allow medical students to maintain their musical passion and development amidst a busy clinical and academic calendar
  2. To seek a way to benefit the community with music through charity concerts and community outreach programs.

In 2016, the UNSW Medical Orchestra and Choir held two charity concerts in aid of Bear Cottage and Women’s Community Shelters. Performing an array of music, from Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 to an original Coldplay Medley, the UNSW MMS raised over $3500 for these charities.

Additionally, our smaller CCC groups visited multiple local aged-care facilities, hospitals and hospices throughout the year, to bring a little musical joy to their lives.
If you’d like to join or to find out more, visit the links below or email us!