1. This policy will act in conjunction with the UNSW Medical Society Regulations and By-Laws and the UNSW Medical Society Social Media Policy.
  2. Personal Facebook promotion
    1. No candidate may create a personal Facebook event promoting them for any given role/office.
    2. If there are any Facebook promotional events made for any candidate, the Returning Officer will ask the event creators and candidate to remove the event. If the event is not removed, that candidate will be disqualified from the Election.
    3. No candidate will be permitted to post about their campaign or the elections on any officially MedSoc-aligned Facebook Page or Group as well as the Official pages of the Special Interest Groups or Affiliates.
    4. Any comment on one of the above pages advertising a particular person(s) for a particular role will be deleted, regardless of who posted it. The person who made the comment will be given one warning before the Returning Officer removes and blocks that person from the group.
    5. All individuals are free to promote themselves any way they choose on their personal social media pages, however slander and/or harassment will not be tolerated.
  3. MedSoc will create an Official Election Event page
    1. UNSW Medical Society will create an event page for elections, with each candidate listed by role, in alphabetical order according to surnames.
    2. A MedSoc Moodle Forum for each portfolio will be publically available where students are able to promote themselves or ask nominees to engage in questions.
    3. Any comments that are contrary to the spirit of a polite and fair election will be deleted. Those who make any rude or inappropriate comments will be warned once before the Returning Officer removes and blocks them from the discussion.
  4. No external promotional media outlets (posters, websites, or other advertising) will be allowed and may lead to disqualification from the election, according to the discretion of the Returning Officer.
  5. The Returning Officer will be the authoritative voice for election regulation, including on all of the above media.