MedSoc is proud that we can facilitate vibrant online communities for students to communicate. We try and keep our pages as open as possible, but to maintain our community standards, there are a few rules and guidelines you need to keep in mind. 

Community standards and moderation

Any post or comment you make on a MedSoc affiliated page (including year groups and SIG pages), should be in line with the UNSW Student Code of Conduct. You can find a full description of what this means in our Social Media Policy, but broadly your posts should:

  • Treat all staff and other students with courtesy, tolerance and respect
  • Respect the right of others to be treated equitably, free from all forms of discrimination, harassment and bullying
  • Respect the rights of others to express political and religious views in a lawful manner
  • Not engage in behaviour that is threatening or intimidating
  • Not engage in unlawful behaviour

If a post does not meet these standards, MedSoc can remove it. 

MedSoc is also able to delete any commercial or otherwise spam-like posts.

Reporting posts

If you see a post on a MedSoc page that you think violates these standards, you can report it to us. To do this, use the “Report to admin” function on Facebook, or directly contact the relevant moderator if the report hasn’t been picked up.

Reports will be dealt with by the MedSoc moderators of the group, with oversight from the MedSoc Executive. It will be classified and dealt with as either:

  • Not in breach of community standards o The reporter will be privately informed and directed to our Social Media Policy. No action will be taken on the post.
    • If a student repeatedly makes frivolous reports of posts not in breach of our community standards, they may be given an official warning. 
  • Breach of community standards
    • The post will be immediately deleted, and MedSoc will state that a post/comment has been deleted. MedSoc will contact the poster to inform them, and issue them an official warning. They are able to appeal, or edit and repost the information in an appropriate way.
    • MedSoc is able to report such posts to a relevant member of the Faculty of Medicine.


Three official warnings will result in the student being removed from the group or page, for a time period that will be decided by the Public Relations Director. 


If you would like to appeal a decision, you can do so by contacting the Public Relations Director. MedSoc Executive will consider the appeal and reassess whether the post did violate community standards.

  • If the appeal was about a deleted post, the issued warning will be redacted and an apology will be issued.
  • If the appeal regards a post deemed not in breach of community standards, MedSoc will follow the normal process for dealing with posts that breach community standards (outlined above).


This decision will then be final with regards to MedSoc, though students are able to take it further with the university as enabled under the UNSW Student Code of Conduct. 

The poster, reporter or any other student member can escalate and appeal to the Faculty of Medicine at any time.