Why should you join us?

Join UNSW DermSoc to find out more about the world of Dermatology and learn important procedural skills through our education sessions. A solid grounding in Dermatology is important for all medical practitioners. Not only is Australia the skin-cancer capital of the world, but a large proportion of general practice consults relate to skin complaints, with many internal pathologies manifesting with cutaneous stigmata. Our aim is to provide both basic and more advanced information to students as a way to raise knowledge and interest in this field. Students will have the opportunity to attend various information nights, case tutorials and more hands-on clinical examination sessions.

What do we provide you?

UNSW Dermatology Society seeks to provide auxiliary dermatology teaching to that provided by the current medical course. This is achieved with teaching sessions, grands rounds, workshops teaching important procedural skills such as punch biopsies and OSCE/ICE revision nights focused on Dermatological presentations.

In the future, we hope to increase the students awareness in the depth and scope of Dermatology. We also hope to see medical graduates with better knowledge and skills to be able to differentiate dermatological conditions from other clinical manifestations, leading to more accurate specialist referrals. Early exposure also helps the interested students to better prepare for specialist training with the Australian College of Dermatology.