Self-Care Days

Self-Care Days (SCDs) apply to EVERYONE in ALL YEARS, they’re the same days, just with different nuances. SCDs are being introduced as one of the first steps in a larger strategy to recognise and de-stigmatise the need to focus on your own physical and mental health throughout Medicine. They are not just a day off but hopefully also a day where you set your intention on doing something to replenish yourself, whether that be spending time with friends and family, scrolling on tiktok or learning a language (non-exhaustive list).

These days shouldn’t be the only thing you do for your own wellbeing, but rather one of the many ways you might be taking care of yourself. Faculty has shared this Self-Care Plan framework from the Black Dog Institute, which they have suggested could be uploaded to your portfolio as evidence of achievement.

Take up to 8 a Year

They should be planned (where possible) at least 24 hours prior to the day. 📅

inform your Supervisor

Discuss/inform your relevant Course Convenor, Facilitator, Supervisor etc. 🎓

Advise your team

Advise peers, teachers, research/clinical team members who might be affected by your absence and ensure your duties are covered for that day if necessary 🏥

Catch up on learning

Catch up on the learning you miss following the SCD 🧠

Record on EMED

Record the SCD on eMed (your relevant above will be notified if you exceed any of the day limits – this is a touchpoint for Faculty to reach out and provide more support)

Specifics for Each Phase

Phase 1

simple as, 2 per term

Year 3

2 per 6 week term

1 per 4 week term

SH might be trickier with required placement days – might only be during campus days, stay tuned for more updates

Year 4

Greg is super chill, always feel free to email/ask him for clarification

quite flexible, mainly up to a discussion with your supervisor

may have a trimester based limit

Phase 3

2 per term

Primary Care might be trickier with required hours – there might be some extra guidelines around taking them here, stay tuned for more updates