SIGs or Special Interest Groups are a MedSoc initiative that aims to cater for and address individual interests of MedSoc members by supporting smaller events organised by individual members. SIGs can fall under the categories of Specialty or Extracurricular. As an affiliated group of MedSoc, a SIG would operate on its own terms and organises events/activities, while receiving administrative and financial support from MedSoc.

The following is a list of the current SIGs operating:

AICESoc aims to promote interest in three critical care specialties—anaesthetics, intensive care, and emergency—through educational and thought-provoking events such as the Emergency Medical Challenge and our yearly critical care conference.

BEAMsoc (Bioethics And Medicine Society) aims to encourage future medical practitioners to consider key issues in morals, ethics and philosophy.

CardioSoc is UNSW’s 2nd largest SIG! Don’t miss a beat of our fun, educational events for 2017 including ECG Lecture Series, MockICE/OSCE and BioMed Revision Night.

UNSW Dermatology Society seeks to provide auxiliary dermatology teaching through teaching sessions, grands rounds and OSCE/ICE revision nights focused on Dermatological presentations.

GastroSoc is serving up exciting opportunities in Gastroenterology. Expect a delicious mixture of clinical skills nights, tutorials, and advice from experienced gastroenterologists to gain incredible insight into this exciting career.

Medical Musical Society
With an orchestra, choir, and multiple chamber groups and bands, the MMS serves as a platform for medical students to perform to help our community through concerts and outreach programs.

Looking to have fun acting, dancing or singing on stage to an audience of your fellow students, all the while making lifelong friends? Come join Medshow (no prior skills necessary)!

NeuroSoc is hear for all matters from neurology to neurosurgery, providing support for any budding interest in this field. Come along to any of our events and ask us questions!

O&GSoc have your back for all things lady parts or baby making! Like our Facebook page to keep up with our range of super cool events throughout the year.

The UNSW Ophthalmology Society is the premier student society on campus for everything ophthalmology. We work with the Prince of Wales Hospital to provide medical and optometry students with eye-opening events.

The UNSW Paediatric Society is a SIG dedicated to promotion of paediatrics to medical students and aiding causes relevant to the specialty.

No idea what neutrophils, granulation tissue or Velan puns are? We can help! PathSoc is a unique special interest group, running events to enrich your understanding of all things Pathology!

Psychisoc promotes, facilitates and consolidates learning within the spectrum of psychiatric medicine. We aim to destigmatise mental illness, and explore how psychiatry can be applied in future medical practice.



SportsMed Soc
UNSW Sports Medicine Society seeks to engage medical students to the emerging field of Sports Medicine, encourage medical excellence through educational initiatives and provide students with a variety of clinical opportunities.